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  • So first off everyone was nice and helpful it's pretty clean as what you can expect with a building full of puppies but I don't necessarily like the idea of shopping for a dog like that it does make it convenient I will say that it's just different than what I'm used to not sure how to feel about it the dogs are the cutest thing you ever seen I'll probably pop in there from here and there to get a dose of puppy breath or pet a rabbit


  • Great experience! Super nice staff.

    Jesse Hollingsworth

  • Petland is a clean and happy environment. You can play with and pet the dogs and rub the bunnies. I almost adopted a puppy.

    Shalinda Logan

  • Great service very informative

    dillion hadley

  • First thing I have to say is the staff are all amazing I been going in this store for months now at first looking around we perched a bearded dragon for my daughter and then I ended up yes … getting a puppy he is very happy and healthy we are all in love with him and thankful that we could get him I’ve spoken with and worked with different managers and they do a very good job Danielle and Kirsten are great ! I would and will refer people to go here it is the same great service every time I go in to the store .

    Misty Elkin

  • This place was great! I brought my girlfriend with me and we picked out toys for a current dog we have, and we got to play with a variety of clean and healthy puppies. Multiple people helped us with our questions and made sure we were taking care of the puppies. Their prices were high but only to provide the owner and puppy with all the proper warranties, check-ups, and materials(such as food, crate, pee pads, and microchips for each puppy already installed) needed to start off correctly. All animals appeared happy and healthy!

    Tyke Thetford

  • amazing staffs cute puppies i couldnt ask for anything better!

    vivi riri

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